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Calypso is the open standard for ticketing deployed all over the world.

Calypso is designed by users for users to ensure multi-sources of compatible products, and make possible the interoperability between several operators.
Calypso offers the most modern ticketing system thanks to its continuous innovation process, including evolutions toward mobile phones, account based ticketing, public key infrastructure and other technologies.

For more information about Calypso and to join the non for profit association managing the Calypso specifications, please contact the Calypso Networks Association (CNA)

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
The Calypso specifications are restricted documents. You need to open an account to access them. The registration is free of charge.

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Calypso Ticketing in Action link

Calypso Ticketing
The demonstration presents possible usages of the Calypso technology. You can simulate customer trips over Calypso networks with a real card or a simulated card.

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WebstoreTo test your equipment, you may buy cards and SAMs kits in the webstore.
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